Thursday, May 17, 2012


Fraudulent Calls
Some complaints have been received from a few mobile customers that they had received missed calls from certain telephone numbers or received calls/messages relating to winning of lottery etc. and that on calling back these numbers they were charged substantially. 

On verification of these complaints, the telephone numbers from where the missed calls and other mischievous calls/messages had come were found to be international numbers. In many cases such numbers relate to premium rate services for which higher charges apply.

To address the problem of missed calls and other mischievous calls/messages coming from International locations prompting mobile customers to respond, TRAI has instructed the Access Service Providers to warn the customers about such calls and messages and to take other effective measures for addressing the problem.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

GOLD SHINES AS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! And Realty prices hit the peak!!!!!

THE GOLD PRICE PER GRAM REACHED RS2975/-   over the weekend and the average assets under management, for gold exchange traded funds, doubled to Rs 9,620 crore for the year ended March 2012, according to Sebi data. Investors either saw value of their investment fall in equity funds or pulled money out of them during the same period and invested in Gold (ETF) and Real estate.

There has been a sudden jump in the realty prices, in and around Bangalore in the last two years and the appreciation is in the range of 20% to 60% in the vacant land or plots with clear titles and 10% to 30% in the apartment sector and there has been a consistent demand for the residentially/commercially converted land.  Villas are by far the most sought after and the designer enclaves are the latest fad and fab. 

BBMP-Planning to regularise(convert) B Katha to A Katha

The BBMP has sent a proposal to the State Government of Karnataka to regularise (convert) B katha properties (vacant properties-without an...